Tiffany Fisher

Church Administrator

Tiffany Fisher

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Tiffany is a dedicated individual who finds joy and purpose in serving others. With a deep love for Jesus, she strives to embody His teachings in her everyday life. Tiffany's journey in faith led her to join Asbury United Methodist Church in August of 2022, where she serves as a Church Administrator, Sunday Nursery Coordinator, and Family Ministries Coordinator. In these roles, she creates a warm and welcoming environment for all who come through the doors of the church.

Passionate about professional growth, Tiffany is actively pursuing UMC Administrative Advanced Certification to enhance her knowledge and skills in church administration. She holds an associate's degree in Health, Fitness, and Exercise, reflecting her commitment to personal well-being and holistic living.

Tiffany is driven by a desire to be a better ally for the marginalized and oppressed in society. She actively engages in conversations, educates herself, and supports initiatives that promote equality, justice, and inclusivity. By amplifying voices that are often unheard, Tiffany strives to make a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Enjoying a variety of hobbies, Tiffany finds solace in gardening, connecting with nature, and witnessing the beauty of the natural world. Her creative side finds expression through activities like knitting and embroidery, allowing her to bring beauty and meaning to everyday objects. She also likes to cook, delighting in preparing meals for her family and friends. When seeking leisure and entertainment, Tiffany finds joy in video games as well as reading. She lives in Mayo, MD with her partner, Paul, and son, Lucas.