Jennifer Karsner

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Reverend Jennifer Karsner, pastor of Asbury United Methodist in Arnold, Maryland, strives to live out the gospel in community—a community to which everyone is invited. For her, faith is authentic belonging in community: knowing love while being loving, open, and vulnerable with one another and with Christ. At Asbury, Rev. Karsner embraces the church’s mission emphasizing unconditional love, inclusivity, and a commit to justice for all.

Asbury voted in 2022 to become a reconciling church, making a commitment to welcome, support, and validate LGBTQ+ congregants. Asbury is a core member of the Anne Arundel Affirming Alliance, a collective of churches affirming the love of God to all.

Rev. Karsner's unique and diverse background growing up in a military family and extensive travel have instilled in her a passion for service and justice. Her and Asbury’s commitment to learning about and pursuing racial justice encourages Christians to accept the discomfort and live into the grace that comes with Christ's teachings.

Rev. Karsner leads her congregation in modeling the love of Christ as service to others. She is especially proud of Asbury's alternate giving guide, with which congregants raised over $8,000 in dedicated mission funds in December 2023.

Her preaching has twice been featured by Princeton University Chapel, first as part of the Chapel's "Hour of Power" in 2022 and again during their summer sermon series in 2023. She offered invocations for Maryland State Senate sessions in April 2022 and January 2024.

Rev. Karsner is the proud Mom of Peter, Grace, and Mark, as well as the wife of Scott. She finds nature to be a means of grace and enjoys being outdoors, running, baking cakes, and eating tacos.

Youth Director

Whitney Grimm


Whitney Grimm earned her B.A. in Philosophy, with concentrations in Religion and Sociology, from Rollins College (2021) and her Juris Doctor, with a focus on civil and human rights, from George Washington University (2024). In college, she served as the liaison to the Dean of Religious Life, where she coordinated social justice outreach programs for the chapel and started an interfaith council. She has experience as a youth director, Sunday School teacher, camp counselor, substitute teacher, children’s grief facilitator, CASA, and working with various human rights-focused non-profits. She currently coaches middle school debate in D.C. as part of the Washington Urban Debate League. In her free time, she likes to read, hike, play Mario Kart, and build LEGO flowers. She is married to Eric Grimm and they have two ragdoll cats named Timmy and Izzy.

Director Asbury Community Christian Preschool & Clubhouse

Natasha Flanagan

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Roxanne Kuhn

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Church Administrator

Tiffany Fisher

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Tiffany is a dedicated individual who finds joy and purpose in serving others. With a deep love for Jesus, she strives to embody His teachings in her everyday life. Tiffany's journey in faith led her to join Asbury United Methodist Church in August of 2022, where she serves as a Church Administrator, Sunday Nursery Coordinator, and Family Ministries Coordinator. In these roles, she creates a warm and welcoming environment for all who come through the doors of the church.

Passionate about professional growth, Tiffany is actively pursuing UMC Administrative Advanced Certification to enhance her knowledge and skills in church administration. She holds an associate's degree in Health, Fitness, and Exercise, reflecting her commitment to personal well-being and holistic living.

Tiffany is driven by a desire to be a better ally for the marginalized and oppressed in society. She actively engages in conversations, educates herself, and supports initiatives that promote equality, justice, and inclusivity. By amplifying voices that are often unheard, Tiffany strives to make a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Enjoying a variety of hobbies, Tiffany finds solace in gardening, connecting with nature, and witnessing the beauty of the natural world. Her creative side finds expression through activities like knitting and embroidery, allowing her to bring beauty and meaning to everyday objects. She also likes to cook, delighting in preparing meals for her family and friends. When seeking leisure and entertainment, Tiffany finds joy in video games as well as reading. She lives in Mayo, MD with her partner, Paul, and son, Lucas.

Church Officers & Committee Members

Church Council Elizabeth Tawil, Chair
Committee Members - Jennifer Karsner, Pastor, Nancy Beers, Jackie Britton, Walt Bruso, Mike Campbell, Nancy Cody, Dan Haas, and Owens Walker.

Endowment Ministry - Mike Campbell

Family Ministries Coordinator - Tiffany Fisher

Finance Ministry - Nancy Cody, Chair
Committee Members - Jennifer Karsner, Pastor, Walt Bruso (Treasurer), Roxanne Kuhn (Bookkeeper), Nancy Beers (Lay Leader), Jackie Britton (Chair ACCPC), Dan Haas (Chair Trustees), Teresa Lynch (Financial Secretary), Elizabeth Tawil (Council Chair), and Owens Walker (SPRC Chair).

Lay Leader - Nancy Beers

Nominations - Jennifer Karsner, Pastor/Chair
Committee Members - Nancy Beers, Pat Cody, Wayne Drake, Darlene McAllister, Nancy Cody, and Jack Hogsten.

Scouting - Kristy Weight

Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) - Owens Walker, Chair
Committee Members - Nancy Beers, Eric Bowman, Wayne Drake, Pat Cody, and Molly Anderson.

Trustees - Dan Haas, Chair
Committee Members - Thomas Britton, Jeff Burkhart, Janet Kerchner, Kurt Kuhn, Richie Neale, and Jack Willard.

Worship - Nancy Beers, Chair

Asbury Community Christian Preschool & Clubhouse (ACCPC) - Jackie Britton, Chair
Committee Members - Rose Brice, Carol Cockey, Terri Dom, Natasha Flanagan, Rev Jen Karsner, Darlene McAllister, Rebecca Walker, and Jenny Wyrick.

Reconciliation Exploration Team - Pastor Jen, Ann Brady, Roxanne Kuhn, Marilyn Recknor, Raymond Shattuck, and Becky Batta.

Cemetery Manager - Jack Hogsten and John Robertson

Funeral Reception Coordinator - Jackie Britton

Safe Sanctuary Coordinator - Karen Beer